Commercial Pavement Projects And Installation Strategies

Posted on: 29 November 2022

An asphalt mixture is a composite that can be used to pave a lot or a driveway on a commercial property. A hot asphalt mix is prepared and poured. Afterward, the pavement is attached to a roadway, prior to a roller truck being used to flatten the pavement. 

Some Things You May Not Know

A paving project requires grading and a stable support system that will bear the weight of fresh asphalt. A hot asphalt mix will contain asphalt, cement, and aggregate. These components are blended in a drum mixer. The temperature of fresh asphalt can cause serious burns. A construction crew that installs asphalt will wear protective garments, plus will be trained to safely handle asphalt.

A fresh mix will begin to cool down once it has been poured. Asphalt pavement can take months to harden in its entirety. The thickness of an asphalt surface will have a bearing on the time it will take for the pavement to harden. Although pavement on a commercial piece of property won't be fully cured right away, walking upon the pavement soon after the paving is complete will be possible. Vehicles will be able to park on the pavement within a short timeframe that a contractor will outline.

Commercial Paving Solutions And Strategies

If you have dealt with discoloration to pavement or water buildup issues in previous years, a paving contractor will address these issues. They may recommend that existing pavement is torn up. The old pavement may be salvaged, through the use of recycling equipment. Drainage materials will be installed first. Perforated pipe sections and other drainage essentials will route water away from fresh pavement.

A contractor will build up a base layer. This base layer must be thick enough to support fresh asphalt. Asphalt will be poured and spread. The paving job does not end here, however. Typically, a paving contractor will apply paving materials in between a piece of property and a roadway. They will apply fresh asphalt that is a similar color and texture to the roadway that it is being connected to.

A roller truck is a vehicle that a paving contractor will use to smooth out fresh concrete. A roller truck will eliminate marks on the pavement and will provide a seamless look. Pavement should be marked off, prior to the time when it will be accessible to your patrons. You can set up a temporary parking area until the fresh pavement can be accessed.

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