6 Ways To Make New Cabinets Interesting

Posted on: 26 July 2022

Cabinets are among the most visible elements of many types of rooms, especially in kitchens and bathrooms. Given their high visibility, their interest level tends to strongly affect the overall sense of whether a room with cabinets looks appealing and stylish. Try at least one of the following tips to make them look more interesting.


One of the simplest ways to make cabinets more visually appealing is to use glass. Even if you want to have mostly wooden cabinets, installing glass panels can show the contents. This is an especially good approach if you have items worth showing off. If you own nice dishware, for example, a glass panel will allow viewers to see the plates and bowls.

Similarly, many people use polished glass to add a pretty shine to a cabinet. You also could cut in the opposite direction and use a matte finish to create a more modern and artistic appearance.


Another way to make cabinets look more stylish is to employ visual contrasts. If you want to install metal cabinets, for example, you can contrast the industrial look of the metal against nearby woods. The cabinets themselves can also employ contrasts, such as dark trim surrounding light materials.

Height Changes

Shifting the height of the cabinets as they go along a wall is often a practical choice, usually to allow the cabinets to cut around windows or provide more space near sinks. However, you also can use height changes to break up the monotony of a straight line. Likewise, folks who want to get very artistic with their choices can use several different heights to challenge viewers' expectations.


Particularly if you're going to use wooden materials or rough metals, the textures of those materials can be quite exciting. Remember to use finishes that will accentuate the textures, though. If you have a grainy sandalwood material, for example, use a light finish to ensure the texture will be the star.


You can go in the opposite direction and mask the appearance of the materials with paint. This is often a way to make use of cost-effective materials while maintaining a stylish look in a kitchen or bathroom. Strong paint colors can make cabinetry stand out from the background. You also could use a near-complementary color to integrate the cabinets into the larger composition of the room.


Finally, handles and knobs can look cute and still be durable. This is especially true if the cabinets are otherwise simple. A nifty-looking piece of hardware will add interest where you might otherwise have solid colors and straight lines.

For more information about revamping your cabinets, contact a local service.