Caring For Your Cedar Wood Fencing

Posted on: 12 October 2021

Choosing cedar for your property's fence can be an effective option that will provide you with enhanced security and privacy while still being aesthetically pleasing. Unfortunately, some homeowners may not effectively care for these fences, which can lead to them deteriorating more quickly than should be expected.

Remove Moss And Dirt From The Cedar Fence

Over time, the surface of the fence will become coated with dirt, and it may be possible for moss or algae to start growing on the shaded portions of the fence. Failing to remove these substances can have a major impact on the integrity of the fence, as they could help to keep the wood wet for long periods of time. In addition to trapping rain, this may also trap condensation. Not surprisingly, this type of prolonged moisture exposure could result in the fence rotting, splitting, or suffering other forms of deterioration. Fortunately, cleaning these fences does not have to be a difficult task, as you can use a pressure washer to quickly and safely remove these substances from the fence.

Protect The Cedar Fence Against The Weather

Protecting the cedar fence against the weather will be another part of caring for this type of fence. At a minimum, these fences should be coated with a sealant that can help to keep water from being able to soak into the wood. While prolonged exposure will cause these sealants to break down more quickly, they can provide excellent protection against moisture exposure from rain, snow, ice, and condensation.

Be Mindful Of The Sprinklers

Unfortunately, some individuals will fail to appreciate the potential damage that their sprinkler system will be able to cause to their fences. This is particularly true if you live in an area where you will need to use the sprinklers on a daily basis during the spring and summer months. If the sprinklers are angled so that they spray onto the fence, this could greatly increase the amount of moisture exposure that the fence will have to endure. As a result of this risk, you may want to spend a few moments adjusting the angle of the sprinklers so that they will not hit the fence. If the are plants near the fence that you will need to water, it can be a useful upgrade to install a drip irrigation system. These systems can provide water for these plants while avoiding the risk of getting the cedar fence wet.

For more information about cedar wood fencing, contact a local company.