Vinyl Siding And Home Renovations: Your Guide To Renovating Your Home With New Siding And More

Posted on: 5 October 2021

A new siding finish can do wonders if you are planning home renovations, but there is more than just the siding to consider. There might be other improvements that you want to make when installing vinyl siding. These can include other details that are added to the siding installation, such as custom molding. The following guide will get you started with the vinyl siding for your renovations:

Vinyl Siding Styles and Options

You want to consider the style of siding that you plan on installing. Today, there are more options for different types of siding styles, including the traditional lap siding, shake, board-and-batten, and even decorative patterns. If you want a unique design, these can be combined to give your exterior finishes an interesting look. You even have options for more contemporary finishes with vinyl siding.

Tear-Off and Overlay Siding Installations

You might need to tear off the old siding materials if you want to install a new siding finish. This is a good idea if there is extensive damage to the sheathing behind the existing siding. In addition to tearing off the old materials, vinyl siding can also be used to install over existing siding or brickwork. For the best results when installing siding over existing finishes, add new sheathing first to hide imperfections and ensure there is a smooth surface for the new siding to be installed on.

Vinyl Installation Preparation

There are also some things that you want to know to help you with the siding installation. Before the siding can be installed, you are going to need to prepare your home. This needs to start by making sure that the exterior walls are clear of clutter, so the installer can work easily. You need to order the materials and have a rental dumpster delivered for the waste before you can begin the project. If you are going to remove old materials yourself, you want to do this before scheduling the siding contractor to come and install the new materials.

Getting Started with Your Project

When you are ready to get started with your project, there are a lot of things to consider for the installation. Meet with the vinyl siding contractor to discuss the project and make plans before you begin. After discussing the details of the project, you will be ready to schedule a date for them to come out and begin the installation of the new siding.

Vinyl siding gives you a lot of options for finishes and changes to the design of your home when doing renovations. Contact a vinyl siding contractor today to start planning these improvements to give your home its new look.