Reclaimed Wood - Helpful Tips When Using It To Make A Custom Bed Headboard

Posted on: 25 July 2023

Reclaimed wood is any wood that gets reused. If you plan to use reclaimed wood to make a custom headboard for your bed, here are some insights that can give you an excellent finished product that you're proud to have in your home. 

Make Sure Pieces Are Structurally Sound 

Bedroom headboards serve a crucial visual role but have practical purposes too. For instance, you can lean against it to sit in bed. Therefore, the reclaimed wood you use to make a headboard should be structurally sound.

The wood pieces should be strong enough for you to lean up against them without any breakage occurring. Even if both you and your partner decide to lean up against the headboard, there shouldn't be concerns about the reclaimed wood holding up.

Think About the Headboard's Dimensions 

The amount of reclaimed wood you need to make a bed headboard depends on its size. The bigger the headboard is, the more reclaimed wood you'll need to find or buy from a supplier. You won't leave room for interpretation if you iron out the headboard's dimensions before looking for reclaimed wood.

You can choose the appropriate size if you measure your bed and choose headboard dimensions that are compatible with it. For instance, if you have a king-size bed, you need a bigger headboard than if you slept on a queen mattress. 

Choose a Visual Theme 

One of the better aspects of reclaimed wood is that it comes in many aesthetic varieties. That's because you have different wood species and stains to choose from. So that you narrow in on the right aesthetics early on, pick out a visual theme.

What do you want the reclaimed wood headboard to look like after you put it together? If you get stuck, you can always match the headboard's aesthetics with other elements in the bedroom. Or, you can review online pictures of reclaimed wood headboards for inspiration. 

Sand Pieces Thoroughly 

Since you'll probably lean against the reclaimed wood headboard at some point when in bed, every piece must be smooth. Otherwise, you risk getting injured. Accidents won't be probable if you sand each piece. 

You have a lot of sanding tools at your disposal, but a portable sander is ideal because it's lightweight and easy to maneuver. Once you get done, test each piece's smoothness to verify that splinters and other safety hazards aren't an issue. 

You can do many creative things with reclaimed wood, but if a bedroom headboard sounds the most appealing, plan your project carefully so you have no regrets afterward.