Eco-Friendly Land-Clearing Processes

Posted on: 7 February 2023

Eco-friendly land-clearing processes include underbrush cutting and forestry mulching. These processes are minimally disruptive to land. They aid in maintaining the nutrient content of soil and securing the natural habitat of wildlife.

Land Clearing

Land-clearing processes are conducted at the onset of a home construction project. Land clearing involves the removal of overgrowth. At the end of a clearing project, land is graded. The grading operation levels the land. Level land will adequately support the foundation of a home that is being constructed.

Disruptive Practices

Some land-clearing processes may require that many large trees and bushes are cut down. Bulldozers, tree crushers, and root rakes are often used during home site clearing projects. The use of these types of machines could be very disruptive to undeveloped land.

Large holes that are created while the clearing steps are performed could deplete the nutrient content of the soil. Some equipment that is designed to dig deep into the ground could damage the roots of trees and plant species that were not projected to be removed from a piece of property.

Fallen trees and other vegetation may be burned at the site where a clearing project takes place. A property owner can choose to have the materials hauled off if they do not want them burned.

Underbrush Cutting

Underbrush cutting removes the top layer of vegetation, without disrupting the soil. Mowing is used to cut down dense plants, leafy growth, and weeds. A hydro-ax is a tool that is used to transform vegetation into mulch. A rotational drum and cutting blade work simultaneously to chop and grind vegetation.

Forestry Mulching

A hydro-ax machine is often used during forestry mulching projects too. Forestry mulching is a process that involves repurposing vegetation. First, a hydro-ax or a forestry mulcher is used to cut down overgrowth. All of the trees and plants that are chopped down are transformed into small fragments. These fragments are essentially a natural mulch material.

The mulch will add a thermal layer to the soil. As a result of the mulch material being added, the nutrient content of the soil will not be depleted. Many of the nutrients within natural mulch materials will improve the quality of the soil.

Underbrush cutting and forestry mulching processes use targeted cutting techniques. A machine operator can maneuver equipment in tight spaces. If a property owner has specified some plants or trees that they would like to remain intact on their land, a machine operator will avoid cutting them.