3 Tips For Working With A Commercial Contractor To Renovate A Building Or Build A New One

Posted on: 13 December 2022

If you want to renovate or build a new commercial building for your business, you'll need to work with a commercial contractor. Commercial building codes are different from residential codes, so you may not even be aware of how your building should be built until you talk with an experienced contractor. Here are three tips for working with a commercial contractor.

1. Learn About Code Requirements

Local codes will affect many aspects of your commercial property. You'll need to comply with codes for signs, parking lot spaces, ADA access, building materials, electrical installation, and the plumbing system. Knowing this information upfront helps you decide on the design of your building and the development of your land.

This is especially important information to have if you're building from undeveloped land rather than renovating an old building. Your contractor also needs to get a permit and submit the finalized plans to your codes office. Your building also needs to go through several official inspections as it's being built to ensure compliance.

2. Work Together For A Building Design

While your contractor will provide an architect to create the floor plan, you'll want to give the architect a lot of input so your building fits your needs. You might sketch up plans of your own where you want walls, storage rooms, windows, and other parts of the building. The architect may need to change things around, but they'll at least know what you want and can design the most suitable plan.

You'll be able to request changes until you're satisfied with the results. However, keep in mind that a commercial contractor and architect have experience with commercial buildings, so they may know what's best when it comes to tweaking your plans.

3. Plan Your Grounds Too

A good thing about working with a general commercial contractor is that they can handle all the details of developing your property. They bring in other contractors, such as plumbers, electricians, and landscapers when they're needed so you only have a single person to deal with instead of several contractors.

You'll have a lot of decisions to make when landscaping your property. Your contractor can determine the size of your parking lot and its placement. You can decide on where trees should go and how to beautify your property to make it appealing to customers. Your contractor may even help you choose the best signs for your property so the signs can draw in customers to get your new shop off to a good start.

A commercial contractor is a big help when you need to build a new building or renovate an old one. They can advise you on building materials required by code and then help you control your budget by pointing out areas where money can be saved. Commercial buildings tend to cost more, even if they're small and the same size as a residential building, due to stricter codes that apply, so you may need help from your contractor to fit the project into your budget.