Dangers Of Failing To Clean Your Chimney

Posted on: 14 November 2022

Chimneys are one of the most neglected parts of a home. Most folks don't maintain their chimneys because they assume it's unnecessary. Sadly, failing to maintain and clean your chimney can be dangerous. Here are some dangers of not cleaning your chimney often. 

Creosote Accumulation

The work of your chimney is to direct smoke away from your house. And as the smoke rises into the chimney, it leaves a tar-like substance on the interior walls. Unfortunately, this sticky substance, called creosote, will accumulate every time you light the fireplace. And if the buildup isn't addressed, the creosote will limit airflow in the chimney. That's why you'll find smoke backing into your home instead of escaping via the chimney. 

Poor Indoor Air Quality

There is also the possibility of ruining the air quality in your home if you neglect your chimney. For starters, the creosote that forms in the chimney has a bad smell. And since the creosote accumulation will affect airflow, smoke will always find its way into the living room and other rooms. It will be difficult to enjoy fresh air in your home until you hire a chimney cleaning service. 

Attract Pests

As you know, rodents, insects, and birds love building their nests in chimneys. Therefore, you must ensure the chimney doesn't provide a good nesting place for these tiny critters. But how do you keep your chimney pest-free if you haven't cleaned or maintained it? 

Unfortunately, the presence of pests in your chimney can also cause obstructions. And since these pests use leaves and other debris to build their nests, you'll always have blocked vents. Besides, there is a possibility that some rodents and birds will die in their nests.

Risk of Fire

Failing to clean your chimney might also cause unwanted fires. Chimney fires are responsible for huge losses, deaths, and injuries. But why do chimney fires happen? Well, most fires occur due to accumulated creosote in the chimney. Therefore, the only way you'll keep chimney fires at bay is by inviting a chimney cleaning company for routine maintenance.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carbon monoxide is another problem you ought to worry about. Neglected chimneys will channel toxic gases inside your home. This can be attributed to the blocked chimney vents. Unfortunately, poisonous gases such as carbon monoxide are unnoticeable unless you have a special detector in your home. So, if this gas backs up into your home, your loved ones will experience carbon monoxide poisoning. And inhaling a large amount of this toxic gas can be fatal.

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