Trenchless Repair Results In Fast And Stable Fixes For Drainage Problems

Posted on: 12 July 2022

A drainage problem that needs repair is not something you want to deal with, but eventually you'll have to. If the main sewer line in your yard is very old, for example, you may have to have an excavation company dig up the pipe and replace it. In conventional excavation, the company would dig up the whole section that needed repair. In trenchless digging, however, only a few spots in the ground would be open and surrounded by equipment, and your property would look pretty much the same otherwise. Trenchless digging offers a number of benefits for anyone living nearby. 

Much Less Disruption of Your Life and Property

Call in a company to dig a traditional trench, and you end up with a ravine in your yard, soil piled up on the sides, caution tape, and other items associated with having a big trench running through your yard. Have trenchless digging done, and you have... not that much to look at. Yes, the equipment will be there, and there will be a couple of smaller holes that the crew has dug up, but it won't be nearly as disruptive to your life.

Fewer Trenches Means Faster Repair

Part of the time used in conventional excavation is for digging the trench at the start and filling it back in at the end of the work. Trenchless requires so little digging that you'll save that time because the repair will be done very quickly. It may take a few days, still, but the job you have done with a trenchless repair will go faster than it would have with conventional digging.

Your Landscaping Lives!

If the excavation company digs a trench in your yard, that means they dig up all the landscaping around that trench. The lawn in that spot is gone, flowers and shrubs might have to be uprooted, and – if tree roots are nearby – those tree roots need to be cut back. With trenchless repair, the excavation company needs only to cut a hole in the surface, removing minimal grass and not requiring plants to be torn out or cut back. After the drainage repair is done, there's little you have to do to replenish the landscaping in that area.

Trenchless repair is a lot better for drainage repairs because it is so much faster and less disruptive. Reach out to an excavation contractor that provides trenchless drainage repairs for more information.