Well Pump Models, Inspections, And Costs

Posted on: 28 June 2022

A low water level, faucets that spit and sputter, or a dirty water supply may be indicative of a faulty well pump. A  well pump is an integral part of your residential well system. Consult with a plumbing contractor or a well contractor to determine the course of action that you should follow.

The Pump Styles

There are several types of pumps available, including:

  • jet pumps
  • submersible pumps

Pump Differentiations

Jet pumps that are designed for use with shallow wells will remain on land. A pump house will support the motor and the centrifugal pump. A deep well jet pump will house the motor on land and the centrifugal pump inside of the well. A submersible pump is usually installed inside very deep wells. This type of pump will contain cables. When this type of pump is installed, it will need to be slowly released down inside of a well. All of the parts of a submersible pump will remain under water. 

An Inspection

There is no viable way to know if your well pump needs to be cleaned or replaced without the proper knowledge about the pump model. A contractor may inspect all of the components that run between the well pump and your home's plumbing. They will also need to do an inspection of the pump materials. Because a deep well jet pump and a submersible pump are both situated deeply inside of a well, specialized equipment will be needed to access either one.

This may involve the use of a winch tool. The winch tool can be used to pull a pump that is connected by cables. A mobile tool that contains a hook can also be used to pull a water pump up from a well. Due to the weight of some pumps and the difficulty associated with accessing them, safety equipment will likely be used by the contractor who will be performing the inspection.

The Costs

A contractor may charge a flat rate for the inspection of the well pump. This cost will be reflected upon the manner in which a pump will need to be accessed and the type of equipment that a contractor will need to utilize while performing their assessment. If a pump that is inspected is found to be damaged, it can either be rebuilt or replaced. The size of a water pump and the amount of HP that one puts out may affect the cost that you will be charged for either a rebuild or a replacement.

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