Things to Plan Out Before Completing a Commercial Roof Replacement

Posted on: 28 March 2022

Whether you've had the same commercial roof for decades or are experiencing a lot of leaks frequently, it may be best to replace this portion of your property. Before doing so though, you want to plan out the following things. 

The Extent of This Replacement 

When approaching a commercial roof replacement, you don't always have to replace every single structure and material. You may only have to replace a couple of things to restore your roof and thus get many more years out of it. You just need to plan out the extent of this replacement carefully from the beginning.

First, find out what condition your commercial roof is in through a professional inspection. Then talk to the inspector about things they found wrong. If there are a lot of things wrong and it doesn't seem like your current roof is salvageable, then you can consider a total replacement.

Pooling Prevention

Since a lot of commercial roofs are flat, pooling is always going to be an issue you want to plan for in advance. Then it won't have the chance to really impact this part of your property. The first part of putting together the right pooling prevention strategies is assessing your current roof.

What areas tend to have pooling water? Maybe it's a low point or areas that don't have proper drainage solutions. You can take these issues and then make sure the new commercial roof accounts for them in the beginning. You should also consult with a commercial roofer to figure out how you can prevent pooling water when completing a roof replacement.

Optimal Framing Solutions

Whatever type of new materials you plan on going with for this commercial roof replacement, it's paramount to make sure you get an optimal framing solution set up first. Then it will be able to properly support the new materials and do so for a long time, saving you a lot of structural repair costs.

You just need to figure out which material you're using for this replacement and then verify the framing solution is compatible with its weight totals. You can hire a commercial roofing company to help with this assessment, as well as get the framing solution set up in an optimal way before new roofing materials are added to it. 

To truly get the most out of a commercial roof replacement, you need to think about this process for weeks and make sure your plans are correct before getting started. Then you'll avoid delays and enjoy a long-lasting roof replacement.