How Owning Commercial Real Estate Can Help Real Estate Investors Minimize Risk

Posted on: 1 March 2022

Investing in real estate can be a risky proposition for those who do not approach it with a proper strategy. For that reason, many people may have a tough time making things work. Many real estate investors attempt to purchase residential real estate due to its simplicity. Unfortunately, tenants come and go and can be quite unprofessional, causing damage and other issues and risking investor profits in the process. For that reason, real estate investors must seek out alternative ways to invest in real estate. Fortunately, commercial real estate has emerged as an effective way for real estate investors to diversify their portfolios and avoid the risks associated with residential real estate investing. If you'd like to take advantage of commercial real estate to minimize the risk of real estate investing, read on below to learn more about how owning commercial real estate can help real estate investors minimize risk.

Commercial Real Estate Can Have Higher Rent Costs

Residential real estate properties are typically relatively small and must be affordable to the average family. Unfortunately, these issues can leave investors settling for lower than desired rental rates for their tenants, reducing the profit that they can expect from their real estate investment. The less profit that investors can rely on to help with monthly expenses, the riskier a real estate investment becomes. Fortunately, because commercial real estate properties are rented by businesses, commercial real estate owners can charge a significantly higher rental fee to their tenants than they could for residential structures. This capability provides real estate investors with a healthier pool of profit that they can rely on to ensure that they can handle monthly expenses and any additional financial considerations, minimizing the risks associated with their real estate investment.

Commercial Real Estate Can Have Longer Leases

Residential real estate properties typically have relatively short 1-year leases. Unfortunately, this short lease duration means that tenants may come and go, creating frequent periods where an investor has no reliable source of rental income coming in from their property. Needless to say, this creates quite a risky situation for the real estate investor. Fortunately, commercial real estate investors typically offer tenants lease agreements of at least 3 - 5 years. This advantage helps real estate investors minimize the risk of their rental income suddenly disappearing.


Investing in less than ideal properties can leave real estate investors at risk. Fortunately, commercial real estate provides real estate investors with an excellent way to ensure that doesn't happen!