How To Tell Whether It's Time To Replace Your Overhead Garage Door's Torsion Springs

Posted on: 12 January 2022

Overhead garage doors have torsion springs that provide the power needed to lift and lower the door. Damaged torsion springs are an inconvenience, as they can cause the door operations to fail. Worn torsion springs can also cause an overhead door to crash down and injure any person in its path. Thus, if you suspect your door springs are worn, you should replace them immediately to prevent fatal accidents. Below are four ways you can check your torsion springs for damage.

Operate the Door Manually

You can test the effectiveness of the torsion springs by operating the door manually. Disable the automatic door opener and manually lift the door to the top. Does the door remain up with minimal effort, or does it slide back down a little? If the torsion springs are in good condition, they should hold the door in place. If the door slides back down, you have faulty torsion springs. Also, if the overhead door stops midway, you need new torsion springs.

Hold the Door Mid-Operation

Torsion springs that are in excellent condition should have enough power to hold a suspended overhead door. If you hold the door mid-operation, it shouldn't feel heavy in your hands, as the springs should bear most of the door's weight. If you open and hold the door midway, and it feels heavy, the torsion springs are wearing out. Also, if the door falls rapidly when you put it down, your springs are faulty. Avoid operating a garage door that crashes down when opened, as it can hurt users or pets. 

Inspect Springs for Visual Damage

You don't have to wait for torsion springs to fail, as their failure can lead to severe injuries and accidents. You should inspect the springs to unearth any damage that may necessitate repairs. Torsion springs are usually installed horizontally above the garage door opening. If you have a double door, it should have two torsion springs. Locate them and inspect them for wear. If the springs are broken or corroded, it's only a matter of time before they fail. 

Check Garage Door for Alignment Issues

When you operate your garage door, it should slide up and down evenly. If one of the torsion springs is worn, the springs won't have enough power to hold the door. Therefore, as the door slides up and down the track, it will appear misaligned. If your overhead garage door looks crooked on one side, the springs on that end require replacement.

Faulty torsion springs can make your garage door a safety hazard in your home. Replace the springs immediately to restore smooth and safe door operation. To learn more information about garage door spring replacement, go to sites like