Unsure Whether Your Roof Is In Need Of Repair? 4 Common Indications That It Might

Posted on: 19 October 2021

Tasked with providing shelter for the rest of the structure and the people, pets, and valuables stored within, your home's roof is a critical part of your home. While most homeowners understand the importance of their roof, many also admit to feeling uncertain about judging the condition or understanding when repairs or replacement is needed. 

Luckily, there are several indications that homeowners can look for to help them decide if the condition of their roof has declined and is now in need of professional attention from a roofing repair contractor. 

Appearance issues 

While portions of the roof may not be easily visible from ground level, there are still a few visual changes that homeowners should be able to spot by paying regular attention to the appearance of their roof. Some of these visual changes include the following:

  • dark or greenish patches related to algae, mold, or moss growth
  • dark stains that could indicate deterioration of the shingled surface due to aging or exposure 
  • the development of bare or smooth surfaces where the textured surfaces of the shingles have worn away
  • a section of the roof that looks uneven or seems to sag due to underlying issues in the underlying roof structure

Homeowners who become accustomed to doing a quick visual inspection of their roof on a frequent basis will also be better positioned to notice damage that can occur suddenly, such as cracked or missing shingles due to impacts from falling tree limbs. 

Damage related to gutter problems

Another common indication that a roof condition issue is developing is when the home's guttering is not functioning as it should to quickly drain away rain or melting snow and ice from the roof. A clogged or nonfunctional gutter can become like a barrier that causes the shingle surfaces at the edge of the roof to become waterlogged. Additionally, guttering issues can result in the formation of ice dams capable of seriously damaging both shingles and the underlying surfaces and supportive structures of the roof. 

Comfort issues within the home

Homeowners who are having increasing difficulty keeping the interior of their homes at a comfortable temperature and humidity level may also be experiencing the hidden effects of roof repair issues. Shingles that have become worn, cracked, or damaged may be allowing heated or cooled air to more easily escape from the interior of the home. In addition to increasing cooling and heating costs, homeowners may also experience growing air quality or humidity issues inside their homes due to moisture seeping in through damaged areas of the roof. 

Understanding when your shingled roof is in need of repair is sure to be easier for homeowners who take time to discuss the condition of their roof with a reputable roofing repair contractor on a regular basis.