4 Different Material Options For Bathroom Fixtures

Posted on: 19 October 2021

If you are looking to remodel your bathroom, you will want to update all of the fixtures in your bathroom. This includes things such as the faucets for your sink, shower, and tub. One of the things you will need to consider is the material used for the fixtures.

Material #1: Brass

The first material you should consider is brass. All-brass fixtures have been used for years in bathrooms as the material doesn't corrode or develop leaks. That is why brass has been a bathroom fixture mainstay for years. It often costs a little extra for this material, but it is worth the cost due to its longevity.

Material #2: Stainless Steel

The second material you should consider for your bathroom fixtures is stainless steel. If you have stainless steel in other parts of your house and you like the sleek look of it, you may want to use it in your bathroom. Similar to brass, stainless steel is not likely to develop rust either. However, stainless steel usually costs more than brass, so you should only use it if you really like how it looks.

Material #3: Zinc

The third material you should consider is zinc or zinc alloy faucets. These types of fixtures have a silver look to them, and they are really affordable. The downside is that they are not that durable, and they are likely to leak and potentially corrode over time. However, if you keep them nice and clean, you may be able to get more usage out of them and avoid the corrosion that seems to bring them down most often.

Material #4: Plastic

Finally, the last material you should consider is a little plastic. The truth is that plastic is really affordable and will work for your bathroom fixtures in a pinch. Plastic works well in many different applications; however, it is not designed to be that long-lasting and will not work for that long in your bathroom. They are more likely to break down over time. One of the advantages of plastic features is that they don't contain any lead, ensuring that they will not damage the water coming through them. You will have to replace this type of fixture more frequently.

If you want bathroom fixtures that are not going to rust, you will want to consider stainless steel or brass fixtures. If you are more on a budget, you will want to consider zinc, zinc alloy, or plastic bathroom fixtures.