How Choosing A Design-Build Team To Build Your Home Can Save You Money

Posted on: 18 October 2021

If you want to have a house built from the ground up, there are two key approaches you can take. The first would be to have an architect design the home and then take those plans to a building company. The second would be to hire a design-build company to run the entire project, including drawing the plans and constructing the actual house. People often choose the design-build approach because it is easier. However, this approach can also save you money. Here are three key ways in which hiring a design-build team can help you save.

1. You can have the home designed to suit your budget.

When working with a design-build team, it is easier to give the company your budget on the first day of construction and count on the home actually being built within that budget. Designers at design-build companies tend to be more familiar with the actual costs of various materials since their company directly buys and uses those materials. If you were to go through a separate architect, they may not have as clear of an idea of what materials cost. As such, their design might call for materials that are outside of your actual budget.

2. The project should progress faster.

Because design-build companies employ architects and builders in-house, they save a lot of time on communication, which makes the whole process go a lot faster. And when a home building project progresses faster, you save money. There will often be fewer permitting fees to pay when the home is built in a shorter time frame. Your contractors won't have to drive to and from the site as many times, which may allow them to bill you less. There's also less chance that the cost of materials will climb unexpectedly when your builders are working on a shorter timeline.

3. You'll often get a lower hourly rate.

Design-build teams are often able to bill their clients a slightly lower hourly rate than separate architects and builders. This is because the design-build structure takes a lot of the complex logistics out of the equation. Your builder can quickly contact the architect rather than scheduling a meeting across town. The savings that result from this convenience are often passed on to clients.

If you want to build a more affordable home, then hiring a design-build team is definitely the way to go. Contact a design and building contractor for more information.