Clear Up These Myths Before You Get A New Roof

Posted on: 13 October 2021

When homeowners have a roof replaced, they often learn a lot about the process. There's no better teacher than experience. However, learning a little more about roof replacement before you have your roof replaced is not a bad idea. In particular, there are a few key myths that deserve to be cleared up before you get a new roof.

Myth: You have to get the same type of roof you have currently

If you have a shingle roof, then you might assume you need to have it replaced with another shingle roof. If you have a tile roof, you might assume you need a new tile roof. But actually, you can change roofing materials with a roof replacement. If there's something you do not like about your current roof material, talk to your roofer about it. They'll tell you whether there's a different material that won't cause those same problems. Not every roofing material is suitable for every home, but you most certainly have options.

Myth: You can save money by having your new roof put on top of the old one

Rather than having the old roof stripped off, you might believe you'll save money by having the new roof put right on top of the old one. This will save you money in the short term, but it will typically cost you more in the long run. Roofing over an existing roof usually traps some moisture and debris between the roofs, which will cause your new roof to break down faster. You're more likely to have to pay for numerous roof repairs, and perhaps also another roof replacement if you don't have the old roof removed. Many roof replacement companies won't agree to roof over an old roof for this reason. 

Myth: You need to set aside a few weeks for a roof replacement

Homeowners often see roof replacement as a huge project they need to plan ahead for. But most roof replacements take much less time than you'd think. A roofing company can often strip off the old roof in one day, then put a new roof on the second day. A big roof might take three days, but it's rare for a roof replacement to take longer than that. With this information, you should have an easier time scheduling your roof job.

With these myths cleared up, you are now ready to call a roofing company and get your roof replacement plans started.