The Dangers Of Not Waterproofing Your Basement

Posted on: 8 October 2021

Basements are a very common feature in many parts of America because of how much extra storage and room they offer for utilities like water heaters and fuse boxes. However, not a lot of people actually go down into their basement on a regular basis because they are usually less furnished and look a bit more industrial than the rest of the house. Because of this, basements often get damaged by issues from flooding and water exposure long before anyone in the household notices. That is why basement waterproofing is so important. Here are three of the most common dangers you face when you have a non-waterproofed basement.


Mold might not seem like that big of a threat in the basement but the issue is that it seldom stays in one place. Mold travels a lot faster on more organic substances like timber, so if it manages to get into the internal structures of your flooring for the rooms above your basement, it can move throughout the house rather quickly. In addition to this, mold can be dangerous too, with some variants causing severe health issues to those living around it. The clean-up cost for mold can be far greater than what you would have paid for basement waterproofing.

Reduced Timeline After Leaks

Leaks are going to happen in your house, whether you like it or not. Water will, naturally, make its way down to the basement and you will have to clean it up before it starts causing damage. The benefit of having your basement waterproofed is that you have a lot more time for this clean-up after emergencies than you would without it. It is a safety net that prevents major damage due to a simple oversight or little mistake. Without it, you leave yourself vulnerable and have to constantly be on the lookout for water damage in your basement. 

Eroded Concrete

Concrete may be strong, but it is not immune to liquids. In fact, concrete is very porous which means that it is an excellent transporter and storer of water. While in a way that is good, because the water will disperse from your basement floor, it is bad in the long-term for the health of your concrete. Not only will the water weaken its integrity, but it will start creating potholes beneath your concrete flooring in the earth below. This can then create enormous stress on the concrete above and cause it to crack.

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