Protecting Your Home's Exterior Against Water Damage

Posted on: 6 October 2021

The threat of water damage is an issue that a homeowner will need to take very seriously. While water damage can create extensive problems for the interior of a home, it may be possible to reduce this risk by using a waterproofing service. However, you need to avoid making some basic assumptions about these services.

Assumption: Waterproofing Is Only Performed On The Interior Of The Basement

There is a belief among some people that waterproofing the interior of their basement will be sufficient. In reality, it is important to waterproof the exterior as well. Failing to waterproof the exterior walls of the basement can lead to the concrete developing cracks and other problems as a result of prolonged exposure to wet soil. Exterior waterproofing can avoid this as it will prevent moisture from being able to seep into the exterior of the concrete walls.

Assumption: Effective Exterior Waterproofing Can Be Done Without Excavating The Soil

Unfortunately, excavation work is generally unavoidable for waterproofing the exterior basement walls. Without excavating the soil, it will not be possible for the exterior walls to have sealants applied to them. Additionally, it is often the case that the home will also need a more sophisticated drainage system installed to direct excess water away from the house. Luckily, most exterior waterproofing services will be able to minimize the amount of excavation work that is done so that the damage to your landscaping can be kept to a minimum.

Unfortunately, if you decide against exterior waterproofing to avoid excavation work, more substantial excavation may be needed if the exterior walls of the basement start to develop cracks or other types of water damage.

Assumption: Exterior Waterproofing Will Need To Be Done Regularly

While waterproofing the exterior of your home can be a sizable investment to make, these benefits can be extremely durable. Depending on the particular waterproofing sealants that were used, it may be possible for the benefits of waterproofing to last for several years. The long lifespan of these benefits can make it well worth the initial costs and disruptions due to the long-term benefits that it can provide the house. If you have recently purchased a home, it can be useful to have a waterproofing service assess the exterior. This will involve removing a small amount of soil so that the presence of protective coatings can be verified. If the coatings are deteriorating or not present, you should schedule a waterproofing service in the near future to help protect your recent investment.

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