3 Obvious Signs You Need Foundation Repair

Posted on: 6 October 2021

Your property's foundation needs to be sturdy and reliable. Small issues can lead to significant ones if you fail to take the necessary precautions. If you don't want to deal with costly home repairs, it's imperative to identify such issues and handle them before they escalate. If you aren't sure about some of the ways to identify foundation problems that need repair, you'll find this quick guide helpful. Read on to discover the obvious signs your foundation needs repair. 

Visible Cracks on Your Concrete Wall

Do you notice your indoor or outside walls have cracks? This could mean it's time you consider foundation repair. Visual inspections of your home's exterior and interior are critical because you can spot any cracks and get them repaired as early as possible. While small cracks may not cause alarm, if you notice deep ones, ensure you take immediate action. You can contact an expert to evaluate the situation and know whether your home has structural issues. 

While hairline cracks may not necessarily signify a big issue, you want to monitor them. If they start to go deeper and get wider, this could be a significant problem. Windows and doors with issues when opening or closing may also indicate your foundation has issues. It would help if you watched for loose tiles or sound hollow ones because they could show a dipped underground or uneven home surface. 

Water Leaks in the Basement

If the basement wall develops cracks, chances are you'll struggle with moisture issues or water leaks. The cracks may occur due to the expansion of wet soil. The expansion leads to increased pressure, pushing the wall inwards. 

When the soil dries, it also contracts, and shifting can also occur because of natural causes. This adds pressure to the basement walls. With continued soil shift and pressure due to the expansion, concrete can weaken and cause cracks that allow water and moisture. 

Presence of Bugs in Your Home               

Do you notice more and more bugs are invading your home? While it could be normal to have a few bugs in your home, if they're increasing at an alarming rate, you need to find why. For example, one of the primary reasons for the increase in their population is having more access points. These could be cracks on the walls, on the floor, or any other possible entry. 

Exterminating the bugs can be a great temporary solution if you don't deal with the source. The best way to tackle this problem is by fixing any wall or floor cracks as soon as you notice them. 

Your foundation is not a part of the house to ignore when it comes to repairing. Don't wait for small cracks to become problematic. Instead, talk to an professional today for evaluation and foundation repair.